BUC Fall Newsletter
    From the Pastor’s Desk

    Friends of the BUC,
           It’s harvest time again. And despite the drought, it looks like a better harvest than we imagined.
    Farmers planted the seed again and God grew it - again. What a fruitful cooperation between men and

           God also loves to cooperate with us in growing His Church. The Bible says one person plants and
    another person waters but God gives the increase. (1 Corinthians 3:6)
    We have been “planting and watering” at the BUC in anticipation of a new harvest of young families
    joining our fellowship. Since May I have been preaching on the 5 purposes of WORSHIP, SERVICE,
    EVANGELISM, FELLOWSHIP and DISCIPLESHIP from the Great Commandment (Mt 22:33-34 – Love the
    Lord your God… and your neighbor as yourself) and the Great Commission (Mt 28:18-20 – Go into all
    the world and make disciples… baptizing them… and teaching them…)
    We believe that God is helping us get our own house in order so we can care for a harvest of new
    members. We are adding these eight new ministry-teams to “fill in the blanks” so we can attract and
    care for everyone God sends us: Doorkeepers, Worship, Musicians, Attendance Response, Cleaning,
    Children’s Education, Audio, DVD Recording and Website.

           I am writing this newsletter to ask you to prayerfully consider a new commitment to the BUC in
    anticipation of a new harvest in cooperation with The Lord of the Harvest.
    Next month I am going door-to-door to give families a Thanksgiving gift-bag from our Church. It will
    contain baked goods. But it will also contain a Christmas Advent booklet for each family called the
    “Jesse Tree” Devotional. Twenty-five devotions refer to Bible stories about “Jesus’ Family-Tree”. As
    the parents read the devotions and Bible verses, the children prepare that day’s corresponding
    ornament to hang on their family Christmas tree. The last devotion, of course, is about Jesus’ birth. By
    December 25th, the families can look at the ornaments and recall the major Bible promises that God
    fulfilled through the life of our Savior! We will have delivered the Gospel directly into their hearts and
    homes this Holiday season!

           As I deliver the packets, I will also personally invite the families to worship with us on the four
    Sundays throughout Advent, where we will be discussing the same themes in Sunday School and in
    my sermons. Each Sunday the children will place our “Jesse Tree” ornaments on our Church’s
    Christmas tree, as we  celebrate the season as a congregation. Then on Christmas Eve at 7 pm the
    children will hang the final ornament on Jesus’ Family Tree in our Sanctuary while we sing “Silent

           It will be a sacred time together. But there is much ministry to do before and afterwards to make
    this a lasting harvest that goes beyond the Holiday season. We honestly need your help.
    I make myself available to meet and talk with you at your invitation. Or, simply join us on Sunday
    mornings at 9 am and cooperate in the new work God is doing in your church family!

    Rick Zickefoose